• LIFEPO4 48V 100A de 100Ah Rack montado en la cuadrícula Batería solar de litio | PowerCube5
  • LIFEPO4 48V 100A de 100Ah Rack montado en la cuadrícula Batería solar de litio | PowerCube5
    LIFEPO4 48V 100A de 100Ah Rack montado en la cuadrícula Batería solar de litio | PowerCube5
    Introducing the latest addition to BSLBATT's lineup of innovative energy storage solutions - the world's thinnest rack mount battery. At an impressive 9cm thickness, this cutting-edge technology is designed to meet the demands of space-constrained environments without sacrificing performance. With each module boasting a formidable 5kWh capacity, based on LiFePO4 48V 100Ah, this rackmount battery is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Offering versatile mounting options, it can be easily installed as a single unit or in multiples within a cabinet. Experience the unparalleled reliability and efficiency of BSLBATT's latest energy storage solution - order now to unlock the power of sustainable energy.
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    • Product Description
    Product Description

    LiFePO4 48V 100Ah

    Save Space and Simplify Your Life with LiFePO4 48V 100Ah Battery

    BSLBATT LiFePO4 48V 100Ah battery - a game-changing power solution for all your energy needs! Although only 9cm thick, our rack mounted battery PowerCube-5 has a superb capacity of 5.12kWh, which means you'll get more power for longer periods without needing to recharge. Whether you're powering an RV, boat, or off grid solar system, this battery is perfect for you.

    Our solar lithium batteries are designed in a 2U chassis, saving you 50% of the installation space compared to traditional 3U, and 4U batteries, perfect for those who want to save space without sacrificing power. Plus, the one-touch switch operation makes it easy to turn on and off, so you won't have to fumble around with confusing buttons.

    The Intelligent BMS & Grade A LiFePO4 Cell in our battery is top of the line. With a built-in battery management system, you can rest assured that your battery is operating at peak performance, while the Grade A LiFePO4 cells provide a reliable and efficient power source. Plus, with a MAX. 80kWh capacity-expansion capability, you can easily expand your system as your needs grow.

    The LiFePO4 48V 100Ah battery has a 5X cycle life, which means it can last up to 25 years, making it an excellent long-term investment. And with a 20% lower cost than other batteries on the market, you'll get more bang for your buck.

    Don't settle for subpar power solutions. Upgrade to the LiFePO4 48V 100Ah battery today and experience the power and reliability you deserve.

    48V 100Ah battery

    PowerCube - 5 Specification

    Product Model PowerCube - 5
    Nominal energy 5.12kWh
    Series parallel connection mode 16S1P
    Nominal capacity 100Ah
    Nominal voltage 51.2V
    Operating voltage range 40~58.4V
    Operating temperature (charging) 0~65℃ ≤90%ROH
    Operating temperature (Discharging) -20~65℃ ≤90%ROH
    Standard charging Constant current charging:50A
    Charging voltage:57.6V
    Cut off current:2A
    Maximum continuous charging current Constant current charging:100A
    Charging voltage:57.6V
    Cut off current:2A
    Standard discharge Constant current discharge:50A
    Cut off voltage:40V
    Maximum continuous discharge current Constant current discharge: 100A
    Cut-off voltage: 40.0V
    Cycle life ≥8000 @80% DOD
    Monthly self discharge ≤2.5%/month
    Monitoring communication RS232/RS485/CAN
    Shipping capacity SOC 30~70%(TBD)
    Weight 48.3±2kg
    Size (670*475*89)±1mm